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A Stylish Cake Stand Brings Elegance To Your Table

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Elegant Cake Stands For Any Occasion


There is no doubt that the cake stand has been a favorite tea table item for as long as anyone can remember and lately the cupcake stand has become especially popular - so why do we love them so much?


luigi bormioli cake stand 


Luigi Bormioli Footed Stand with Dome

It is often said that tea tastes better if you drink it from a china cup. Many tea drinkers will tell you that this is actually true. Whether this is simply a psychological trick or some effect which bone china has on tea is not quite clear. Either way it seems to enhance the experience, and that is what matters.

Seeing a cake set out on a stand has a similar effect as it turns an ordinary cake into a real visual treat. Using a stand for display draws the eye and the simplest homemade offering becomes an appealing centerpiece.

Whatever the food on your table there is do doubting the fact that it will be more appetizing if you have spent some time and effort to make it look attractive. The enjoyment of food begins with the eyes, and nowhere is this more true than at the tea table.

The sight of a beautifully laid table never fails to get the taste buds tingling with anticipation. A crisp white tablecloth, china tea service and silver cutlery pleases the eye and whatever you serve up will be even more tempting as a result.


The Finishing Touch To Your Tea Table

royal albert tiered cake stand


There are so many styles and designs to choose from that you will always be able to find the right one to match your tableware and the particular occasion. From the plain and rustic cake plate to the stylish tiered pedestal there is everything you could possibly wish for. Even a very inexpensive acrylic stand looks attractive once filled with delicious goodies.

If you have a little more to spend then a glass cake plate or  stand will look stunning as the centerpiece of your tea table. A cake dome can look especially pleasing as they have a timeless elegance to them.


The Popularity Of The Cupcake Stand

One of the newest styles is the cupcake stand. Cup cake decoration has become tremendously fashionable of late and there is a growing trend for couples to choose an arrangement of cupcakes on a tiered stand for their wedding reception.

A beautifully arranged cupcake stand looks stunning and offers a very convenient way to serve your guests, particularly if you are having quite a large gathering.

Even a really basic acrylic cupcake stand which looks quite ordinary until you fill it with an array of attractively decorated cupcakes can become very special indeed. A stand such as this is a good investment as it can be used for many years for different events such as weddings, christenings or anniversaries. The cupcake decoration can be chosen to suit the occasion and your own personal tastes.



wilton wire cupcake stand


For smaller and more informal use these inexpensive wire stands from Wilton are ideal. They do also come in larger sizes.


Tiered Cake Stand

A tiered stand is timeless and always looks attractive. They are available in many traditional designs such as Royal Albert which may be a little pricey but it is also possible to get all sorts of modern fun designs too like the one shown below. These are perfect for party cupcakes.


party cake stand


The Olde Worlde Charm Of The Cake Dome

Another type of stand is the cake dome which you can use to keep your cake fresh whilst still being able to keep it on display. This is possibly the most stylish of all types of cake stand and has a charm all of its own. The example shown below is the Dublin covered cake dome which although it looks very expensive is often available for under $100.


dublin covered cake dome



The Versatile Pedestal Cake Stand

If you are wanting to create a really elegant effect then a pedestal is a good choice. This style of cake stand elevates your cakes and so displays them to best effect. They are the perfect centerpiece for the table.


footed cake stand



If you want something fun then this Red Dots cake plate might be just what you are looking for. The shape is quite traditional but the red dots give it a contemporary look.


rosanna red dots



Rotating Stand For Cake Decorating 

If you are a keen cake decorator then a rotating stand is certainly a useful tool making in making icing are far easier task. Suitable for the expert or the beginner alike.



wilton rotating decorating stand


This Wilton rotating decorating stand has a unique tilting turntable which makes many aspects of cake decorating so much easier. It has three preset angles and locks securely into place. It has a non slip surface to make sure that you don't lose you cake halfway through icing it! Suitable for cakes up to 12 inches in diameter.


Of course you could also use this adaptable stand to display your completed works of art!


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